Monday, February 16, 2015

UPDATE: The "Only Watch Movies You've Never Seen In 2015" Challenge

I'm two months in to this new year and so far I've kept my pledge to only watch films I've never seen before in 2015.  It's been difficult, in some ways, but I think the fact that being the father of a toddler has me watching less movies in general, so it's not the arduous torture I originally thought it was going to be.

This past weekend was pretty tough, though.  I have a longstanding tradition of watching FRIDAY THE 13th films on Friday the 13th and this year I wasn't able to.  I had to settle for watching a FRIDAY fan film on YouTube.

I honestly can't see I would recommend it, but at least the tradition was somewhat kept alive...and fairly.

Valentine's Day was tough, too, because I generally watch MY BLOODY VALENTINE or the MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3-D remake on February 14th.  Nope.  No dice.  I did, however, manage to watch a couple of old animated Disney movies that I'd surprisingly never seen because they were running on Disney channel over the weekend.

There's a website I found called Letterboxd that allows you to review and rate and track the movies you watch and I've been keeping a log there.

You can check out my Letterboxd profile at:

It's a pretty nifty website.  I recommend it.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The "Only Watch Movies You've Never Seen...In 2015" Challenge!

At some point in late 2014, I realized how much time I spend sitting on the couch watching movies that I've already seen before.  It really doesn't matter what time of the day or night TOMBSTONE or DIE HARD or ALIENS or GOODFELLAS comes on, if I flip past it, I'm probably going to watch it.  But should I?  I can quote nearly every word of these films, verbatim.  Do I really need to watch them again?

That got me thinking...

What if I forced myself to only watch movies I haven't seen before?  Can it be done?  I decided to find out...

It's January 12th, 2015 and so far I haven't watched a single movie that I've seen before.  Believe it or not, it's already been pretty tough.

For the first few days of the year, I was traveling.  Did a lot of driving.  Saw family.  Enjoyed the holidays.  I avoided temptation.  Once I got back to Houston, though, I decided to see if I was up to the challenge.  I rented THE EQUALIZER.  I really enjoyed it.  One new, unseen movie down.  How many to go?

 [ Criminals Beware of Old Guys Working At Home Depot ]

This past weekend, DirecTV turned on all of its movie channels for free.  All of them.  ALL of them.  Thank God the NFL Playoffs were on.  So many movies.  So many I'd seen before.  On Saturday I rented THE GUEST from The Redbox.  I wanted to watch GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY again, but nope...I went with THE GUEST.  It was pretty good.  And I hadn't seen it.
 [ As Dio Said, "Don't Talk To Strangers."  Don't Let Them Stay In Your House, Either ]
I took THE GUEST back on Saturday night and rented FINDERS KEEPERS.  I haven't seen a good killer doll movie in a while.  I guess I still haven't.  It was okay.  I didn't realize it was made for SyFy Channel.  I probably would have skipped it, had I known that...  But hey, hadn't seen it!  ;)

[ Chucky's Place In The Pantheon of Killer Dolls Is Still Pretty Safe ]

On Sunday morning I was looking for something to watch and DirecTV was offering a lot of classics I'd already seen.  Wait, what's that?  SNAKE EYES with Nicolas Cage?  Never saw it!  I guess we'll go with that...  Not bad.  But oh God.  So.  Much.  Overacting.

[ How The F*** Did This Guy Win A Best Actor Oscar? ]
Last night I was flipping through the guide and I saw the aforementioned ALIENS.  I saw CADDYSHACK.  I saw OVER THE TOP.  PREDATOR.  Jesus...  I want to watch ALL OF THESE MOVIES ZOMG!

I settled for DJANGO UNCHAINED.  Why?  Because I hadn't seen it.

[ The D Is Silent... ]
It's going to be a long year, but I think I can do this...

At least until Friday the 13th comes around and there's a marathon on!  Am I crazy?  We're about to find out...