Monday, January 11, 2010

Aaron Rodgers - The Real 2009 NFL MVP

This past Saturday, the Indianapolis Colts' Peyton Manning accepted his NFL record 4th MVP award from the Associated Press. The thing that I noticed (and it surprised me) was that Green Bay's Aaron Rodgers didn't receive a single vote.

Did I say surprised? I think maybe I meant pissed off. Yes, the Packers lost their playoff game to Arizona yesterday in heartbreaking overtime fashion, but that doesn't diminish what Aaron Rodgers accomplished this season with the league's youngest team coming off of a 6 - 10 season.

Before the start of Sunday's game, I posted the following article, making my case for Aaron Rodgers' MVP candidacy:

- The Real 2009 NFL MVP?: Aaron Rodgers

Note that not a single user comment was made (despite several hundred reads) until AFTER the game was over. The Packers lost, and that's when the haters came out to play.

PaDespite the loss, I stand by my assessment -- Aaron Rodgers was 2009's NFL MVP.

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