Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Six Million Dollar Man Arrives On DVD!

Six Million Dollar Man fans rejoice! The awesomely iconic 1970's television show is FINALLY available on DVD after years trapped in development (and legal) hell!

I was watching Oprah (don't ask why) and saw Lee Majors was going to make an appearance. It seemed pretty random at the time, but then it dawned on me that it must have finally happened...the long awaited release of SMDM on DVD! And I was right!

All six seasons of the show are available in one deluxe boxed set for the first time ever from Time Life. The set includes loads of extras, custom packaging, all three reunion movies and all of the crossover episodes from The Bionic Woman!

Basically, it's everything a Six Million Dollar Man fan could ask for! Well...unless that fan has already joined the Blu-Ray camp. In that case, your wait will be just a little longer, it seems.

For a full review of the Boxed Set, check out this write up from Film School Rejects. All in all, it sounds like it's a pretty sweet set!

For ordering information, head over to Time Life's Website for all the details!

First Thundarr The Barbarian on DVD and now The Six Million Dollar Man? Happy Holidays, indeed, in 2010!

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