Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Twitter Contest - Less Ambitious Movies!

The latest Twitter hashtag trend that caught my eye was #LessAmbitiousMovies! According to one of my readers, it originated with/was inspired by this Sporcle Exercise called "Lesser Movies." Awesome!

Not surprisingly, there were some real gems in there!

[ UHF's - Conan The Librarian ]

Some of my favorites...

- Conan The Librarian
- Raiders of the Ark That's Right Over There
- The Day Before Yesterday
- True Grits
- Attack of the 5 Foot Woman
- There's Nothing About Mary
- No County For Old Men
- Lawrence of Armenia
- Scott Pilgrim vs. A Couple of Guys
- None Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
- Slumdog Thousandaire
- The Two Commandments
- Alice in Cleveland
- Conception
- Dial M For Moviefone
- Planet of the Crepes
- Glad Max
- The B Team
- Patton (Oswalt)
- Cry Hard
- Partial Recall
- The Dark Night
- The Empire Turns The Other Cheek
- Schindler's To Do List
- Ace Ventura: Pet Owner
- The 4 Year Old Virgin
- Apocalypse Soon
- The Last Bartender
- Charisma Carpenter's: The Thingy
- Harold and Kumar Go To Burger King
- Forgetting Sarah Palin
- Tween Wolf
- Demonstration Man
- 20,000 Inches Under The Sea
- There May Be Blood

And, *drumroll*, my personal favorite...

- Dude, There's My Car!


- It's Not Deliverance, It's DiGiorno!

So head over to Twitter and check out the hashtag #LessAmbitiousMovies! Oh, and you can follow me on Twitter as well at!


  1. How about some credit to Sporcle, where the topic began with this quiz written last March then published on the front page last week?

  2. Thank you for pointing that out! I wasn't aware that was the origin... It has been noted and corrected!