Thursday, June 23, 2011

LaTroy Hawkins Wants The Ball: Why Won't The Brewers Give It To Him?

I was watching the Milwaukee Brewers drop another Interleague game against the Tampa Bay Rays yesterday, and I was not a happy camper. It wasn't just the fact that they lost, though. It was HOW they lost.

With runs at a premium and a day off to follow Thursday, why not leave everything you have out on the field and take a legitimate shot at winning the game? That's the million dollar question -- and the focus of my latest article written for Bleacher Report:

The Brewers bullpen is a mess right now and Takashi Saito's return isn't going to be enough to fix it. They're frustrated. I'm frustrated. All of Brewers nation is frustrated!

You can tell yourself, "It's a long season. It's just one game." Eventually, though, you reach the point where "just one game" make all the difference. Righting the ship now could be the difference between the Brewers making the post season or watching it from their living room couches.

I say "Play ball!"

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