Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Twitter Contest - Disturbing Sitcoms!

In the same comedic, pun-ny vein as "NBA Novels" and "MLB Novels," the latest Twitter hash tag contest to earn huge belly laughs from me (and what a huge belly it is) is: #DisturbingSitcoms!

Here are some of my favorites:

Buried With Children
The OJ Simpsons
10 and Pregnant
How I Killed Your Mother
The Golden Shower Girls
Jersey Sore
Doogie Howser, OBGYN
Who Wants To Be Chamillionaire
Hood Times
8 Simple Rules For Raping My Teenage Daughter
Gonorrhea Or No Deal
Crappy Days
Two Guys, A Girl & A Pregnancy Test
Gilligan's Hymen
I Dream of Weenie
Survivor: Riker's Island
The Vampire Diarrheas
America's Funniest Home Wreckers
Parks and Masturbation
The Cosby Shower
Manson In The Middle
Sabrina The Teenage Bitch
T.J.'s Dead Hooker
Mad About Goo
Pimp My Wife
Hogan's Herpes
Groin Pains
$#!% Sarah Palin Says
How I Met Your Brother
Drunky Brewster

And a few I submitted...

Laverne & Scurvy
Charles Been Charged
My Two 'Nads

And my all time favorite, courtesy of my old friend Jake Simpson...

...Porkin' Mindy!

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