Saturday, October 29, 2011

30+ Horror Movies On Netflix Streaming For Halloween 2011

♫ Happy, Happy Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! Happy, Happy Halloween, Sil-ver Sham-rock! ♫

[ PSA: For the love of God, don't watch that if you are in danger of epileptic seizures! ]

That's right, boys and ghouls, Halloween is upon us! Are you looking for a horror movie to enjoy this Halloween? Do you have Netflix streaming? If you answered yes to both questions, then you're in luck!

Here are 30 great horror movies you can check out on Netflix streaming to give your 2011 Halloween some thrills and chills...

Modern Horror Classics:

The Exorcist - In my opinion, it's the scariest movie of all time...
Night of the Living Dead - George Romero's classic started it all!
The Evil Dead - Sam Raimi's original, low budget horror classic.
The Last House on the Left - Wes Craven's disturbing 1972 original.
Scream - The classic that re-invented the modern slasher genre!

John Carpenter (The Master of Horror) Films:

The Fog - Jamie Lee Curtis helps Carpenter again in a non HALLOWEEN role.
The Thing - One of the five greatest movies of all time, in my opinion.
Prince of Darkness - An underrated gem.
In the Mouth of Madness - Ditto.
Village of the Damned - Christopher Reeve, Mark Hamill and Kirstie Alley!

Bonus: Non-Horror Classics THEY LIVE and ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK!

Non-Glittery Vampire Movies:

Nosferatu (1929) - The original Max Shreck silent classic.
Dracula (1931) - Bela Lugosi's finest (darkest?) hour...
From Dusk 'Til Dawn - Quentin Tarrantino's new classic!
Dracula 2000 - Wes Craven has a lot of movies on this list...
The Lost Boys (Special Edition) - If you haven't seen this one, you need to fix that.

Anthology Horror:

Trick R Treat - Fantastic modern anthology masterpiece!
Creepshow - The 80s classic still holds up today...
Waxwork - Lesser known gem. This one's a lot of fun!
Masters of Horror - There are tons of MASTERS OF HORROR episodes on streaming right now. I recommend: Cigarette Burns, Incidents on and Off a Mountain Road and Valerie on the Stairs
Black Sabbath (1963) - Three tales of terror from Horror's classic era.

Bonus: Every season of THE TWILIGHT ZONE is on Netflix streaming!


The Burning - One of many (and among the best) Friday the 13th inspired imitators.
Maniac - One of the greatest head explosion scenes in cinematic history!
Child's Play - The original is still the best...
Hatchet - Probably the best slasher film of the last 10 years!
Jason X - A campy, sci-fi horror classic. You'll love it!

Lesser Known Gems/Miscellaneous:

Highway To Hell - Long out of print on home video, this one's a lot of fun.
The Keep - Another long out of print gem.
The Hazing - A modern horror gem with Evil Dead type roots.
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon - A serial killer biopic? It's awesome!
Miner's Massacre - Straight to video slasher from make up and F/X whiz John Carl Buechler...

Honorable Mention/Bonus Tracks:

Paranormal Activity 2 and 3 - The international, modern ghost story phenomenon!
The Crazies (2009) - One of the better horror remakes in recent years!
Leprechaun: In The Hood - Oh yeah...
Return of the Living Dead - If you're not zombie'd out, this one's a ton of fun!
and finally:
Pretty much every HELLRAISER movie from part 3 through 10!

There you have it! Honestly, Netflix Streaming is a horror fan's dream. You won't believe the selection they have; this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Happy Halloween, everyone! Enjoy a good scare!


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