Monday, September 25, 2017

PopHorror Retrospective - 1 Year and 100 Articles

It was a little more than a year ago I started writing for It was August 29, 2016. I know because my first piece for the site was a happy birthday article for William Friedkin's 81st. Here we are, 13 months and 100 articles later and I'm still having a blast writing about one of my favorite subjects: HORROR.

Looking back on those 100 articles, here are 8 of my favorites. If you haven't read them yet, please do and let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your feedback.

8. Kathy Bates Receives Hollywood Walk of Fame Star - Most of my early articles were birthday wishes. This was the first article I wrote that had a little more meat to it. It was fun finding all of the quotes and images and recapping Kathy Bates's illustrious career.

7. Wes Craven's DEADLY FRIEND Turns 30! - Another fun article to research. It gave me the chance to re-acquire and re-watch the film for the first time in years. I learned a lot about the movie and its development. It's a little heftier than the average piece I write, too. I like how it turned out.

6. Saying Goodbye To An Icon: Bill Paxton Dead At 61 - This was a rough one. I'm still in shock. I had a Bill Paxton movie marathon the same day I wrote this one. He was loved. He is missed.

5. Lee Majors To Receive Lifetime Achievement Award - I'm a big fan of Lee Majors from THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MAN to THE FALL GUY to SCROOGED to ASH vs. EVIL DEAD. Writing this article allowed me to reach out to Lee Majors fans all over on Facebook. Of all the articles I've written, I think this one got the biggest public response.

4. 10 Fun Facts About BUG On Its 10th Anniversary - BUG is a great movie. This was a lot of fun to write. I feel like the article didn't get a lot of exposure when I wrote it because there was no real way to hashtag it or promote it effectively on Social Media. That's a shame. It's one of the best articles I've written so far. Go read it!

3. Watch EVIL DEAD 2 In The Woods With Bruce Campbell - I'm not really a fan of my own writing, but I feel like "Who’s up for a road trip to Austin? All we need are $55.00 tickets and some extra gas for the chainsaw!" is one of my better one (two) liners. Plus I'm a huge fan of Bruce and Evil Dead 2. If I still lived in Houston, I would have made the road trip for this. I wrote this article in record time, too, for a slow news day. When I finished it I realized "Hey, I'm getting pretty good at this."

2. Celebrating 35 Years of John Carpenter's THE THING - John Carpenter's THE THING is my favorite movie of all time. I never pass up a chance to talk about or write about it (or blog about it). I'm glad I got the opportunity to write this one for its 35th anniversary milestone.

1. Meet Our Writers: Kenn Hoekstra - I haven't been interviewed since I was a game developer, so it was fun to do one again. I got to answer some fun questions about movies and horror. Everyone should interview themselves if they get the chance. It's therapeutic.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully I blog again before I hit my PopHorror 2 year, 200 article milestone! :)

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