Monday, September 6, 2010

Harden The Fuck Up!

Wusses. Pansies. Pussies. Whiners. Complainers. Crying, Emo, Milktoast "Oh Woe Is Me" Crybaby FML Douchebags. We see them. We know them. We loathe them...

I found the perfect gift for these so called "men." A desktop wallpaper for the ages to remind them that their itsy bitsy teenie weenie wittle pwobwems could be a just a tiny little bit fucking worse...

[ Click Image (or Here) For Full Size Version ]

If that doesn't work? There's always Man The Fuck Up Camp!

You're welcome...


  1. Speaking as a pussy myself, this is an excellent reminder as I head back to work tomorrow. Great pic, too.

  2. It's my wallpaper at work. I point at it daily when certain questions are asked... =)