Sunday, September 12, 2010

Popsicle Funnies - Kid Friendly Jokes

There's nothing quite like a funny, clean kid friendly joke, is there? I get a kick out of 'em... Here's a couple of gems inspired by the funnies printed on Pospicle sticks nowadays:

Q: What kind of car does an electrician drive?
A: A Volts-wagon!

Q: Which comic book hero lives in a pot?
A: Soup-erman!

Q: Why did the tree refuse to play Checkers?
A: Because it was a Chess-nut!

Q: What is E.T. short for?
A: Because he has tiny legs!

Q: Why was the computer cold?
A: It forgot to close its Windows!

Q: What do you call a row of dolls?
A: A Barbie-Queue!

Where does the Easter Bunny get his breakfast?

And finally...

Q: Did you hear they found a cure for Swine Flu?
A: It's called Oinkment!

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