Friday, September 24, 2010

NEW Twitter Contest - Major League Baseball Themed Novels!

Along the same line as the previously posted NBA Themed Novels (hashtag #NBANovels), another (follow up) trending topic on Twitter recently was Major League Baseball themed novels! (hashtag #MLBNovels).

Once again, there were thousands of them submitted by Twitter users from all over the world!

Here are some of the best ones I saw...


War Of The World Series

Uncle Tommy John's Cabin

The Yount of Monte Cristo**

Broke Bat Mountain

The Joy of Sexson

The Lidges of Madison County

The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter Pence

Green Eggs And Hamilton

Catcher Gets An RBI

Uncle Tom's Glavine

Oliva Twist

The Grapes Of Werth

The Old Man And The Selig

Braves New World

The Day The Werth Stood Still

The Joy Kruk Club

For Whom The Beltran Tolls

The Reds Badge of Courage

Hart of Darkness*

A Tale of Twin Cities

The Tell-Tale Hart

Animal Farm Team

The Invisible Manny

The Island Of Dr. Morneau

How Stella Got Hargrove Back

The Scarlet Fetters

Mein Kemp

* Submittted By Me
** My Personal Favorite

Fun stuff!

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